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Post Date: 12/09/2018

Kim Son – high technology application in shrimp farming

To promote the advantages as well as supply clean and safe food for consumers; Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province has promoted and supported the people to apply advanced scientific and technical advances to aquaculture, especially shrimp farming for high efficiency.

Many advantages

Being the only district in Ninh Binh that borders the sea, Kim Son has over 15 km of coastline, where there are many favorable conditions for aquaculture development, including the strength of shrimp. So far, the total aquaculture area of ​​the district is 4,080 ha. Of which, brackish water aquaculture area is 3,115 ha, fresh water aquaculture is about 968 ha. Marine and brackish water aquaculture areas are concentrated in the areas of Kim Dong, Kim Trung and Kim Hai with shrimps, green crabs and clam. From the beginning of the year, over 17,500 tons.

Along with the implementation of the plan to restructure the agricultural sector of the province, many localities of Kim Son district, such as Nghia Binh, Yen Loc, An Hoa, Van Hai, Kim Chinh, Thuong Kiem, Binh Minh. It has actively planned the areas of ineffective rice farming conversion into aquaculture, contributing to raising the area of ​​farming and at the same time increasing income for the people. However, due to weather conditions are many changes erratic has a great impact on aquaculture, causing great damage to farmers by way of extensive …

Therefore, the agricultural sector of Kim Son district has promoted the application of high technology in aquaculture to stabilize production and improve product quality. Up to now, under the support of Kim Son district agriculture, the model of high technology application in aquaculture has been successfully built.

Solutions from high technology

To boost the development of hi-tech agriculture, creating a large quantity of commodity products of good quality and ensuring safety and environmental friendliness; In 2016, Ninh Binh Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 05 on development of agricultural economy towards commodity production, high technology application and advanced and sustainable production in the 2016-2020 period. Towards the year 2030. Focusing on the development of key products and specialties suitable to each locality in the spirit of “one village, one commune, one product”, simultaneously implement 15 pilot communes implementing the model of agricultural restructuring at commune level. The issuance of Resolution 05 is in line with the conditions and production situation of the province as well as in line with the agricultural development orientation of the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Together with the pilot implementation of hi-tech application models, the agriculture and localities have strengthened the propaganda to raise the people’s awareness on agricultural development policy, To organize land areas, to concentrate production areas, to multiply new plant varieties and create conditions for attracting individuals and enterprises to invest in the application of hi-tech agriculture to production. Therefore, in the province there have been some models of high-tech agriculture applied by the people and enterprises, such as the model of high-tech shrimp farming in the green house in Kim Son district The model of raising layer in Tam Diep city; The models of conversion from ineffective rice land to high-value plants and animals in Yen Khanh, Yen Mo and Gia Vien districts.

In addition to the advantages, the application of high technology to production in Kim Son is also the difficulties are certain issues of capital, land … As the share of people and businesses, after the plantation, In exchanging plots, Ninh Binh started to conduct land accumulation experiments to create conditions for attracting individuals and enterprises with capital and potential to invest in and apply high technologies to production. But for many reasons the accumulation, concentration of land is limited. At the same time, a more open mechanism for producers to access preferential loans. Thus, with the constant innovations of farmers, the efforts of the Party committees, local government, professional sector, we can expect the economic zone of Kim Son will develop strongly with the profession. Shrimp farming is effective, sustainable.

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