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Post Date: 10/09/2018

Great harvesting of shrimp using quality seed

Recently, many people in An Hoa hamlet, My An commune, Thanh Phu district, Ben Tre province often talked about each other and talked about good shrimp farming. Accordingly, the profit was always higher than that of the households. neighboring farms. This couple is Truong Thi Dung (39 years old and Nguyen Van Ngang).

 thang lon cac vu tom nho su dung giong chat luong hinh anh 1

Ms. Dung on the shrimp pond of the family.

Meeting the reporters, the husband and wife humbly said that their shrimp farming experience is still small, mainly thanks to the knowledge learned from the long-term farming. In addition, seed factors also contribute to the success of the crop.

“Two shrimp, my family bought shrimp from Nam Mien Trung Seafood Investment Company Limited (Binh Thuan). When breeding, the shrimp of this company grow well, less disease, take care of. Therefore, when shrimps are big, there is no harvest loss due to harvesting. In fact, raising shrimp until the harvest is inevitable loss during harvest, “- said Ms. Dung.

According to Ms Dung, in the first month of breeding, the shrimp developed very well and the next month the shrimp was very strong and fast growing. Average stocking of 120,000 shrimp, after 3 months of culture, 2.8 tons of commercial shrimp. Dung said: “Here, my family always trust the use of breeding shrimp South Central Company because this unit is also a big business prestige.”

Regarding the feeding regime, when the shrimp was small, Ms. Dung did not spread too much food into the pond. “I see, many people drop more food, shrimp eat more quickly. However, in my experience, it is not, just dropping the food is the best. Expensive food not only cost but also affect the environment of ponds, “- Dung shared.

According to the reporter, due to many years of inefficient rice production (1 year profit has not reached 1 million VND / 1,000m2, this area is about 2km from the sea), from 2014, Dung and her husband decided to move 2,000m2 rice to shrimp farming. With the above area, the family digs a pond about 1,000m2 and a pond with 500m2.

Expand the model

In the past nine crops, husband and wife have won 6 big cases, the other 3 break even. In 3 break-even cases, shrimp farming area of An Hoa village also lost white spot disease on shrimp. “In the winning cases, there are 250 million VND in my family, the weakest is 50 million VND, which is much more effective than the previous rice crop.”

Ms. Dung said that some households in the surrounding shrimp families have asked about the “know-how” of raising. Accordingly, the family also explained that it is necessary to choose the good breeding of the company as well as the only “little tip” is to find new areas (never shrimp farming) and have a source of water. Clean the shrimp to ensure that shrimp are not spread disease.

To further develop the shrimp culture, Dung’s family sold the scallops worth VND120 million, and purchased 2,000 m2 of land for digging ponds.

“Because there are only two spouses, mainly to do the words, so we do not rush, but slowly to expand the scale, gradually experience. But not always delicious to eat is to do, “Dung said.

In the coming time, apart from self-reliance, the family still wants the local authorities to support the capital for production development, while the South Central Company supplies the shrimp with technical support because of the weather. Unusual activity.

According to the reporter, thanks to the successful shrimp farming, Mrs. Dung’s husband and wife have now had “bowls, bowls,” to build a spacious house. The daughter of Ms. Dung’s family always has good grades in all subjects, and every year has a certificate of merit from the district and provincial education. Ms. Dung is always happy, willing to share the secret of success for many people when asked to ask shrimp farming experience.

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