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Post Date: 10/09/2018

Shrimp farming, teachers in Phu Yen win big season

10 years of shrimp farming, teacher Nguyen Pham Nhat Toan (40 years old, chemistry teacher Tran Phu High School, Tuy An district, Phu Yen) is a local millionaire.
Seed and water source

All told: “From small, I followed the shrimp father should” infected “this job. But when I go to school or study, I still want to learn about shrimp farming. In the countryside, couples are taught to be relatively stable income, but I do not want to rest with salary, especially when the children learn more, spending more life. With the knowledge gained, I found the opportunity to get rich by shrimp farming … “.

Teacher – millionaire shrimp farming Nguyen Pham Nhat Toan at the ponds along the Binh Ba River, Tuy An District, Phu Yen. Picture: Hung Phien

From personal success, Toan shared the secret of raising shrimp for many other people. “The most important secret is to choose a good breeding area, clean environment and have good breeding. At present, I still trust and share with her children the address of the prestigious breeding company Nam Mien Trung Seafood Investment Company in Binh Thuan “- Toan shared.
Total spent hundreds of millions to buy 2,500m2 of land along the Binh Ba River, in Binh Thanh village, An Ninh Tay commune, Tuy An. Initial investment is too expensive but he is determined to buy specialized machines for aerobic oxygen monitoring “the most common” water environment, shrimp health inspection … By According to, good source of seed And strict management of disease is the deciding factor in the “gambling with water”.

On the source of shrimp seed, Mr. Toan said he had to go to Binh Thuan to choose to buy fisheries investment company South Central. “My shrimp cost is always 4-5 times more expensive than buying floating seeds on the spot. But I accept, because of the reputation of disease-free seeds is one of the prerequisites to ensure crop yields. It is very fortunate that the first shrimp crop earns over 100 million VND. So my family has the funds to repay and continue to reinvest. In the years 2010-2011, I expanded the farming area to 20.000m2 and reached the revenue of approximately 3 billion per crop, “- said Toan.

Pursue new technology

In the period of 2013-2014, the shrimp pond of Toan consecutive “recession”. “I suffered a loss of about 2 billion in this period. In part because of erratic weather, the shrimp were killed by too many diseases. In part, aquaculture can not control the whole mess in the water environment. So I had to switch to a new pond and new technology. Shrimp farming without technology updates … let’s do another thing! Shrimp farming area is only “easy to eat” the first few only.

Recognizing that Binh Ba shrimp farming area has been severely polluted, To concentrate on finding clean water for shrimp ponds. He gave employees to organize underground wells in the middle of the river to get water for raising shrimp. Besides, he focused on redesigning the aquarium, creating the valley between the reservoir bottom. This is to help deposition of impurities in the lake, workers can easily vacuum to clean the water in the lake. It is also one of the first households here to contribute large amounts of money to pull electricity to shrimp ponds Binh Thanh. Particularly, the cost of electricity for shrimp ponds of Toan is 20 million dong per month.

Mr. Tran Hong Thang (shrimp farming in Binh Thanh) commented: “Toan is doing very well and always enjoys the benefits of shrimp farming here. Many knowledge is available, teachers are always willing to share so everyone respected teachers. Even the shrimp purchasing system is not easy to “shrimp farmers”, because Mr. Toan always grasp the market very carefully.

Chairman of An Ninh Tay Farmers Association – Vu Thi Bich Ha acknowledged: “Mr. Toan is passionate about shrimp farming but does not invest in” no matter “type. He always study, invest carefully each raising. From the way of Mr. Toan, most shrimp ponds in Binh Ba are invested by canvas and the machine is quite modern. The way to make sure and know his share has helped Binh Thanh shrimp growing quite stable in many years.

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