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Post Date: 26/12/2018

Shrimp farming season in 2019: actively control all environmental factors

In order to take initiative in the shrimp farming season, to successfully implement the 2019 production plan, the Directorate of Fisheries has issued Document No. 4717 / TCTS-NTTS guiding the Seasonal framework for brackish shrimp farming in 2019.

According to the forecast of the Central Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, the weather in 2019 continues to have complicated developments and affect the farming of brackish shrimp in 2019. In order to take the initiative in the shrimp farming season, currently succeeding the production plan of 2019, the Directorate of Fisheries issued Document 4717 / TCTS-NTTS guiding the Seasonal Framework for stocking brackish shrimp farming in 2019 to coastal provinces.

For provinces from Quang Ninh to Thua Thien – Hue
White leg shrimp: Main crop: Stocking from March to August 2019; Winter-shrimp shrimp farming (farming areas with good infrastructure, stable water environment): Stocking from mid-September to October 2019.

For provinces from Da Nang to Phu Yen

Black tiger shrimp: Stocked from March to July 2019.

White leg shrimp: stocking from March to August 2019.

For provinces from Khanh Hoa to Binh Thuan

Tiger shrimp: Intensive and semi-intensive farming: Stocking from March to August 2019; Extensive, improved extensive farming: Stocking from March to August 2019 (some localities have infrastructure conditions, water sources can ensure stocking at the end of September 2019).

White leg shrimp: Stocked from February to September 2019 (some localities like Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan can stock breeds until December 2019).

For the Southeast provinces (Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City)

Black tiger shrimp: Intensive, semi-intensive, extensive, improved extensive farming: Stocking from February to July 2019. Extensive farming combined with tiger shrimp with crab, fish / shrimp – forest: Stocking from 12/2018 – 8/2019.

White leg shrimp: stocking from February to August 2019 (some facilities have infrastructure conditions that can be stocked until October 2019).

For coastal provinces in the Mekong Delta

Tiger shrimp: Intensive and semi-intensive farming: stocking seed from 12/2018 to 9/2019;

Extensive farming combines tiger shrimp with crabs, fish / shrimp: Stocking all year round, however, to ensure the safety of diseases, farmers need to cut off crops to improve ponds and kill pathogens at least once a year. Shrimp-rice rotational culture: stocking from February to May 2019.

White leg shrimp: stocking from 12/2018 – 9/2019.

For the form of shrimp farming with high technology application, complete control of farming conditions: Localities with shrimp farming establishments applying high technology and infrastructure are not affected by the weather; actively control all environmental factors, epidemics can stock all year round.

Crop management and inputs

For the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the provinces / cities directly under the central government: Based on the common seasonal framework, the actual situation in each locality to develop a seasonal calendar for stocking specific brackish shrimp farming, suitable for each ecological region in the area. Direct specialized units of the Department to coordinate with localities to disseminate the seasonal calendar, organize technical guidance, closely manage the stocking. Deploying tasks to control the quality of breeds, input factors used in aquaculture. It is recommended that farmers keep nursing 2-3 stages and stock large seedlings for stocking.

For the key provinces of shrimp seed production such as Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau, right from the beginning of the crop, to check the production and business conditions of production establishments, seed business, checking the use of broodstock in accordance with regulations to ensure the production of high quality breeds for production.

Cre: Thuy san Viet Nam Journal

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