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Post Date: 10/11/2018

Nam Mien Trung was honored as “Doanh nghiệp vì nhà nông”

On 9/11/2108, at the Viet Xo Friendship Cultural Labor Palace, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a ceremony to commend collectives and outstanding individuals for 5 years of implementation of the Scheme. “Restructuring of Agriculture”; Awarded the “Golden Rice of Vietnam” for the third time and the title “Enterprise for Farmers” II … This is a series of important events to celebrate 73rd anniversary of Agriculture and Rural Development (14/11/1945 – 14/11/2018).

Collective and individual outstanding in 5 years implementing the project “Restructuring of Agriculture”

At the commendation ceremony, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded certificates of merit to 20 cooperatives and 20 outstanding farmers and farmers who contributed to the restructuring of agriculture in connection with the construction of new rural areas. The Awarded the “Golden Rice of Vietnam” for the third time for 45 individuals, the group of authors with outstanding products has been confirmed in practice, contributing to the results of the restructuring of the agricultural sector. The Awarded the title of “Enterprise for Farmers” II for 53 enterprises investing in agriculture and rural development, playing a leading role in restructure the agriculture sector. Over the past 5 years.

Nam Mien Trung Seafood Investment Co., Ltd was honored to be one of 53 enterprises awarded the title of “Enterprise for Farmers” II. This is an award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development dedicated to honoring enterprises that contribute to the development of agriculture and rural development. Participants in the contest are enterprises directly investing in production and business in the field of agriculture, science and technology transfer, enterprises contribute to the movement of building new rural areas, enterprises operating There are a number of areas of excellent service to agriculture and rural development

Representatives of Southern Fisheries Investment Company received the title of “Enterprise for Farmers” II for 2018

Over the past 20 years of establishment and development, up to now Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Investment Co., Ltd has been leading in the field of producing white leg shrimp and become the leading shrimp breed in Vietnam, with technology advanced production, the most advanced technical process in Southeast Asia.

Currently, the South Central Region has 7 shrimp seed production complexes are invested according to American technology standards, capacity of seed production 15 billion seed per year. The company also opened branches in Bac Lieu, Long An, Nghe An and representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City to serve the best customers throughout the country.

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