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Post Date: 03/10/2018

Nam Mien Trung honored to receive the National Quality Award

On April 2, the National Quality Award Ceremony and the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award 2016 were held in Hanoi. Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Investment Company Limited was honored to receive this award. .

Attending the ceremony were Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and many leaders of central ministries and leaders.

According to the Organizing Committee, the National Quality Award (NTC) is implemented in accordance with the Law on Product Quality, which was formed and developed from the Vietnam Quality Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Organized, conferred annually and has been implemented since 1995. National Quality Assurance System (GPQ) of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) since 1999.

The IMO aims to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to develop and implement management systems, models, tools for improving productivity and quality; To develop necessary resources to raise the productivity and quality of products and goods; To make a change in the productivity and quality of products and goods, the competitiveness of enterprises, and contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the country.

Over the past 20 years of development, nearly 1,700 enterprises have won the National Quality Award, 148 enterprises have won the Gold Medal of the National Quality Award, 128 enterprises have been awarded the Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit and 40 enterprises have won the GPEA. In order to spread the values ​​of NTP to the business community, the Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to improve and implement more effectively the National Awards; Honor and promote enterprises that have made efforts to comply with the criteria and win prizes; affirming the prestige and popularizing the values ​​of the Award to the business community and consumers.

Organizing Committee also said that in 2017, 15 enterprises were awarded the National Quality Gold Award and 62 enterprises were awarded the National Quality Award. In particular, there are 3 units to receive the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award in 2016.

In the fishery sector, there are two enterprises that have won this silver prize: Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Investment Co., Ltd and Duong Hung Aquaculture Co., Ltd.

Representatives of Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Investment Co., Ltd said that in order to obtain this award, the Central Region has chosen a way to make a difference in the South Central Vietnam. The most perfect quality – this is the core value that Southern Central determination to hold forever not to subordinate the trust of shrimp farmers.

 nam mien trung vinh du nhan giai thuong chat luong quoc gia hinh anh 3

Over the past 15 years of establishment and development, Nam Mien Trung Seafood Investment Co., Ltd has been leading in the field of producing white leg shrimp and become the leading shrimp breed in Vietnam, with technology advanced production, the most advanced technical process in Southeast Asia.

At present, the Central Region has 6 shrimp seed production bases which are invested according to American technology standards, capacity of producing 10-12 million seedlings per year and 30 ha of shrimp farming area. Each year, the market provides 6 billion seedlings and nearly 1,000 tons of shrimp. The company also opened branches in Bac Lieu, Long An, Nghe An and representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City to serve the best customers throughout the country.

In particular, the staff of the Central Region has more than 500 people working in 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, including 1 PhD, 1 Master, 50+ aquaculture engineers and 5 experts. Foreign technical consultants in the field of white shrimp. The company is building the first white shrimp research center in Vietnam (up to 8ha). It can be said that this is the breakthrough of the South of Central Vietnam in the research, production and application of advanced aquaculture in the world for aquaculture farmers, to better society. South Central also established a company in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in importing from America such as Artemia, Vitamins, Minerals, Bioproducts … (Selected and tested in many provinces. in Vietnam) to supply products to the market in order to support and protect shrimp products in Central Vietnam best quality and quantity on the market in the most perfect way.

With the slogan “Central South to make you rich” is the guiding principle from the establishment to date, plus the criterion “Prestige, quality, technology is the first criterion of the company” has helped men The Central has conquered the belief of shrimp farmers throughout the country.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam affirmed that the award-winning enterprises have made great contributions to economic growth and national defense while emphasizing the need to build and protect the Group. national success, the economy must have good quality and growth rate, high competitiveness. In order to do that, it is necessary to make more effort to improve the business environment, so that enterprises operate smoothly, all obstacles are solved.

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