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Post Date: 28/03/2019

Nam Mien Trung: Bringing the X8 complex into operation

Recently, the X8 high-tech shrimp research and production complex of Nam Mien Trung Seafood Investment Co., Ltd. came into operation. This is the latest and largest production complex of South Central Vietnam, fully invested in both manpower and technical facilities.

Overview of X8 Complex of Nam Mien Trung

Before the situation, the quality of shrimp seed “yellow brass mixed”, because the industry management function is not. Shrimp farmers have to “swim” themselves to find breeding shrimp, so many people are anxious. The technique of raising farmers is very experienced, but the most important is the quality of the seed source, in fact there are many cases, after shrimp farming only in a short time, there are many stunted, slow-growing diseases development, leading to losses.

Wishing farmers to succeed and get rich from shrimp farming itself. Therefore, the seed must be of the most perfect quality – this is the core value that the Southern Central Region is determined to maintain in order not to depend on the trust of shrimp farmers.

Because of that determination, Nam Mien Trung has constantly invested in people, modern materials and science and technology to research and improve the quality of shrimp seed. The X8 high-tech shrimp research and production complex, covering more than 4 hectares, is independent of other hatcheries, isolated by salt fields. Ensure absolute biosafety distance. The X8 high-tech shrimp research and production complex was completed at the end of 2018 and will officially go into operation in 2019. The X8 owns high-tech zones with full modern equipment. The head is imported from abroad.

Centralized water treatment area

Application of UF water filtration technology, can filter suspended particles of 0.02 micrometer in size. Most viruses, bacteria size only about 0.5 – 5.0 micrometers. Thus, water through the UF filter system is absolutely ensured for biosafety. Here, the water is stabilized temperature by automatic heat-lifting system.

Central broodstock shrimp

X8 owns 10 broodstock farms with a capacity of over 20,000 pairs of parents per year with a capacity of 200 million Nauplius / day. Broodstock are imported directly from the leading Hawaii units (USA). The broodstock management process is strictly controlled with direct technical support by US experts.

Shrimp testing center

Modern machinery and equipment according to international standards to best control safety in production ensure the quality of shrimp seed

REAL – TIMER CPR technology to test all types of shrimp diseases with fast and accurate results: White spot (WSSV), surrender (YHV), Taura (TSV), muscular opaque (IMNV), Death Syndrome Early (EMS), Large Delayed Syndrome caused by microscopic spores (EHP) …

Shrimp Research and Development Center

With the motto of constantly improving the quality, creating the most perfect breeds and in accordance with the regions, Nam Mien Trung has invested in building shrimp research and development center (R&D).

Investing in the original algae center

Original algae cells imported directly from Florida (USA). Combined with technology for producing fresh algae (with high biomass density) as feed for shrimp larvae. Artemia enrichment technology is imported from the US.

High-tech larval rearing farm

X8 currently has 12 high-tech larvae hatcheries with a capacity of 3 billion shrimp seed / year. Providing high quality shrimp seed market; meet the demand as well as bring high production efficiency for farmers.

> With the concentrated and methodical investment of Nam Mien Trung Group in production areas, especially the X8 high-tech shrimp research and production complex, shrimp farmers are confident and confident in the quality high quality shrimp products of Nam Mien Trung, promising to bring in bumper crops.

According to Vietfish Magazine

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