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Post Date: 11/10/2018

Mr. Tuan shrimp farming effectively

(Vietnam Fisheries) – Promoting coastal strengths and large aquaculture areas, brackish shrimp farming model in Tien Yen district (Quang Ninh) is opening new directions to help many shrimp raising households raise The shrimp farming has become a spearhead economic branch of the locality. Typically, Bui Van Tuan is living in Dong Ngu commune.

Shrimp farming is highly effective for households in Tien Yen. Photo: Quang Hung

Slow but sure

According to the aquaculture planning of brackish water in the district of Tien Yen until 2020, the total area of ​​aquaculture in the district is over 2,190 ha (mainly shrimp). In particular, Hai Lang commune is planned to be the largest shrimp farming area in the district with over 1,020 ha. Estimated output from shrimp farming area of ​​the commune to 2020 reaches over 800 tons.

Although the local shrimp farming is “slow to move” but due to the brave application of industrial farming methods, along with measures for environmental treatment and disease, Dong Ngu commune has the harvest season shrimp “sure “in Tien Yen district.

Due to the investment, pond planning is relatively good should facilitate the shrimp industry model. The households have difficulty in learning from the experience of other people in other provinces in the province and learning by books and newspapers have prevented the disease and care of shrimp development well.

Many households in Dong Ngu commune raise shrimp effectively and profit continuously. Typically, the farmer Bui Van Tuan with over 1 ha of shrimp farming area initially collected over 1 billion. Mr. Tuan said that shrimp farming industry should apply technical measures; Thanks to the technical and experience, the area of ​​his pond is expanded, the efficiency of the farming model also increased significantly, every year Mr. Tuan profits from billions of shrimp farming.

Shrimp farming depends on many factors

According to Tuan’s experience, “shrimp farming like gambling with the sky”, therefore, depends not only on the weather but also on many factors: breeding, care, seasonal … ” / 2018, my family harvested 60 tons of commercial shrimp, profit 30,000 VND / kg because the price of white shrimp have reduced, so the interest is not high. Compared with extensive shrimp farming, although the cost of intensive shrimp farming is high, the harvest yield is usually 2-3 times higher, “Tuan emphasized.

At present, the area of ​​shrimp farming in Tuan is 5 hectares including many ponds for shrimp farming, ponds to store water …, intensive farming with a high density of 350 units / m2 or 150 units / m2, depending. every time. In the process of raising, he often supplemented with vitamins, minerals and control of pond water quality. According to Tuan, white shrimp are easy to raise, but also often appear diseases such as white spots, liver, kidney …, so often have to check the water, shrimp.

According to Tuan, shrimp is also a very important factor. In the last two years, he has taken 100% of the shares from Aquaculture Investment Co., LTD Nam Mien Trung (Binh Thuan). He said: “Many shrimp farmers appreciate the quality and prestige of the breed of Nam Mien Trung so I have confidence and choice. After 2 years of breeding, I found that the shrimp of Nam Mien Trung is large and very uniform, healthy shrimp, good disease resistance and fast growth, so in this breeding I continue to choose breeding Nam Mienf Trung. Currently, Tuan is releasing 2/2018 with 6 million shrimp in Nam Mien Trung, the shrimp is growing evenly, expected more months will begin to harvest.

> In 2018, Tien Yen district plans to raise shrimp to 1,856 tons, but in 7 months reached more than 60% of the plan. This shows that the investment and selection of white leg shrimp in Tien Yen district has been in the right direction and continue to bring stable income for the people. Currently, many local households have boldly transformed the area from extensive shrimp farming to industrial farming, increasing income and output.

Anh Vu – Tap chi Thuy San

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