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Post Date: 24/04/2019

How to use probiotics effectively

Using probiotics in shrimp farming is considered a solution to solve the problem of environmental pollution, reduce the situation of infected shrimp, increase production

Probiotics are components of beneficial microorganisms

Used for the right purposes

Probiotics are also called probiotics that are beneficial living microorganisms, which help strengthen the intestinal microflora, improve resistance, help the host’s body fight off pathogenic bacteria. Common microorganisms used are: Lactobacillus sp, Bacillus sp, Enterococus, Saccharomyces … However, each variety of microorganisms will have its uses, hosts, and different ways of using that, the right use is chosen. Choose probiotics suitable for the use of each microorganism strain.


One of the important technical measures is to increase the biomass of probiotics before putting them in the pond, but farmers should pay attention to each strain used to have an effective proliferation solution. Probiotics used in shrimp farming are usually spore-forming probiotics: this form is to be used effectively before being fed or before being thrown into the pond.

For powdered microbiological preparations containing strains: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus licheniformis, water of dissolved pond can be added with sugar molasses, strong aeration for 3 – 6 hours to increase biomass before use. With probiotics, Nitrosomonas spp (Nitrosomonas marina) and Nitrobacter spp (Nitrobacter winogradskyi and Nitrobacter alcalicus) should also increase biomass before being thrown into the pond.

Particularly for microbiological preparations EM, anaerobic incubation means the incubation is not allowed to allow air in to avoid contamination.

Ensure the environment

Factors affecting the effectiveness of using probiotics:

The best time for probiotics is around 8-10am, when the sun is warm, the sky is clear and the content of dissolved oxygen is high;

Dissolved oxygen: Aerobic bacteria must ensure sufficient dissolved oxygen to be effectively used. When low dissolved oxygen will be ineffective;

Alkalinity, salinity: Water has an alkalinity of 80-150 mg / l CaCO3, the pH is stable, water is alkaline ≤ 50 mg / l CaCO3 makes pH fluctuate leading to low efficiency of microbiological use. Too high salinity can cause death or inhibition of microbial growth.

Use the correct dose

Should use microbiology right from the beginning of the crop will bring the highest efficiency. Use regularly.

At the beginning of the crop, use once every 7-10 days, from the middle to the end of the season 3-4 times a day.

Dose in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Using too much continuously will cause ecological imbalance, pets are easily stressed. Use too little, the effect will not be high or not effective.

Do not use antibiotics, biocides when using probiotics

Antibiotics and chemical disinfectants not only kill harmful bacteria but also kill beneficial bacteria in the pond. Therefore, if the culture model uses probiotics periodically, it is necessary to limit the use of antibiotics. If antibiotics are used, after at least 2 days, re-culture the probiotics to the ponds.

Use probiotics in combination with prebiotic

Prebiotics are food for bacteria, which are considered to be beneficial to the health and immunity of hosts – so prebiotics are added to the diet to regulate the growth and activity of bacterial species. Specific in the intestine.

Can be used at the same time probiotics and commercial prebiotics such as mannan oligosacarite (extract of spring rolls) or pre-incubated before use as EM garlic or EM banana forms.

Source: Viet Nam Fishery Magazine

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