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Post Date: 29/10/2018

Enriched with shrimp of Nam Mien Trung

Identifying breed is one of the important factors to bring success to farmers. For years, Nam Mien Trung has constantly innovated and improved its quality to affirm trademark. Nam Mien Trung ‘s shrimp has brought bountiful harvest to many households in the country.

Best quality of breeding

Currently, Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Invest Co.,Ltd  has 7 shrimp seed production facilities which are invested according to US technology standards, production capacity reaches 15 billion post per year. In order to have a reputable brand name in the market, Nam Mieb Trung has chosen a way to go: the breed must be of the highest quality – this is the core value that Nam Mien Trung defenses steady

Accordingly, in order to ensure the quality of the shrimp seedlings healthy and healthy before the market, in addition to a team of experienced engineers, Nam Mien Trung has invested lab with equipment, PCR testing machine new technology according to international standards; 100% of brood stock is imported from the leading corporations in the world, topping the list of companies importing broodstock in Vietnam with the number of 1,000 – 2,000 pairs per month. On the other hand, Nam Mien Trung is the only unit investing two ships transporting sea water 15 km away from the shore for production; establish a center for storing and cultivating algae and fresh algae; the best control center for safety in production; Owning the most professional shrimp transport enterprise in Vietnam and wide distribution network …

In addition, Nam Mien Trung has invested in the construction of shrimp breeding complex in Vinh Hao, Vinh Tan, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province wit acreage 8,7 ha. Complex areas such as shrimp farming are imported from leading partners in the world; They have been researched, cross-bred and selected for generations at the Hawaii Nuclear Breeding Center. This is the latest generation of shrimp broodstock, cleanest, fast growing, suitable for climatic conditions, environment of Vietnam. Each month the company imports from 1,000 to 2,000 pairs of broodstock. Parental hygiene was checked by the Hawaii Veterinary Authority and the Vietnam veterinary authority for disease control.

The complex also has a testing center with modern facilities and equipment according to international standards. All inputs such as water, algae, nauplius, feed before use are tested by the testing center in strict quality standards. The center controls the environmental factors and larval health during nursing from nauplius to post-emergence. At the same time, check the density of Vibrio spp and Vibrio parahaemolyticus by bio-product. The latest real-time PCR (Roche – Switzerland) system checks all shrimp diseases with fast and accurate results: white spot syndrome (WSSV), yellow head (YHV), Taura (TSV) premature ejaculation (EMS), severe slow-growing syndrome (EHP)

Nam Mien Trung’s Laboratory for modern quality shrimp seed

Companion with shrimp farmers

At present, shrimp breeding products of Nam Mien Trung are widely distributed throughout the country, especially the shrimp shrimp provinces; The breed of the company is highly valued by aquaculture farmers for the quality and efficiency of farming.

As one of the successful shrimp farming households in recent years, Mr. Nguyen Pham Nhat Toan, in Tuy An district, Phu Yen shared his secret of success with emphasis on the quality of breeding stock. Accordingly, Mr. Toan has come to Binh Thuan to choose to buy at Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Invest Co.,Ltd; Although the cost is 4 to 5 times higher than the floating price. But due to the reputation of disease-free seeds, it is one of the prerequisites to ensure the productivity of the crop. For many years, he has always trusted and shared with the local farmers the purchase of the prestigious shrimp Nam Mien Trung.

Recently, many people in An Hoa Hamlet, My An Commune, Thanh Phu District, Ben Tre Province or the successful shrimp farming model of Mrs. Truong Thi Dung (39 years old and Nguyen Van Ngang). Sharing the secret of his victory, Dung said, a large part thanks to the selection of quality seed. Last two shrimp, her family buy shrimp from Nam Mien Trung Aquaculture Invest Co.,Ltd. Shrimp grow well, less disease, take care of. In the first month of farming, shrimp developed very well and next month the shrimp was very strong, fast growing. Average stocking of 120,000 shrimp, after 3 months of culture, 2.8 tons of commercial shrimp. Mrs. Dung affirmed, to come here, her family always trust the use of shrimp of Nam Mien Trung; Because, this is also a big business with prestige.

Mr. Nguyen Pham Nhat Toan -shrimp farmers of Nam Mien Trung won many big wins

Shrimp farming has brought success to many households to escape poverty, rise up well; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, Vinh Giang Village, Binh Nam Commune, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province is a testament to this. Hoang shrimp farming has many years, failed also but in recent years, thanks to the selection of breeding shrimp of Nam Mien Trung that he has more stable production, renovate spacious houses, children eat successful school and becoming a point model that many people in the study area follow.

Mr. Hoang shared, with the initial area of ​​1 ha, after the first crop, he solidified the shrimp pond, then processed the lake began dropping 2 cases with the number of 25 thousand shrimp, the second crop after the sale. , profit of 480 million. The three new he has sold 3.8 tons of white shrimp, except for the cost of the completion of 200 million. According to Hoang, in addition to experience, breeding is also a very important factor for the success of white shrimp farming. “Choosing healthy seed from reputable businesses is extremely important. Recently, I trusted the breeding of Nam Mien Trung and found the seed is very strong, fast growing, less disease so I put faith in Nam Mien Trung breeding, “Hoang said. Not only successful in choosing the best seed, Hoang also shared the breeding address at Nam Mien Trung is located in Tuy Phong district (Binh Thuan) for many people to raise and are very successful.

Nam Mien Trung started its business in 1997, has been developing continuously and in 2007, Nam Mien Trung Agriculture Invest Co., Ltd was officially established with the goal of building a quality shrimp seed brand in Vietnam, regional level and world level.
Over the past 20 years of comprehensive investment in human resources, technology and facilities, Nam Mien Trung has become the leading unit of 100% Vietnamese Breed shrimp, helping many farmers to get rich.
In 2017, Nam Mien Trung officially launched, expanding investment in depth of business areas: Seafood, Foodstuffs, Real Estate, Tourism (CANA traditional fish sauce, Nam Mien Trung auto, restaurant, hotel, …).


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