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Post Date: 22/04/2019

Enhance the immune system on white shrimp

Recently, there are many solutions to enhance shrimp’s immune system towards biosafety, not only simple practices but also high efficiency.

Enhance the immune system for shrimp in the direction of biosafety for high efficiency Photo: shuterstock

Farming technology

Biofloc: Biofloc culture technology can stimulate non-specific immune system on shrimp. According to scientists, biofloc can be seen as a molecular recognition mechanism that helps shrimp react by secreting non-specific immune system stimulants. These molecules continuously stimulate the shrimp’s immune system, so there may be energy consumption for this process but there is no basis to confirm whether it affects growth or health of shrimp. . Biofloc constantly stimulates shrimp’s immune system, but it is not activated until a pathogen enters the body.

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS): In fact, no precise study of shrimp farming in RAS systems will enhance the shrimp’s immune system. But successful RAS systems have demonstrated significant preventive effectiveness through indicators of survival and growth rates. Besides, RAS controls the water elements very closely and detail.

Use of immune stimulants

Egg yolk: Chinese researchers have demonstrated that egg yolks are used against Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio parahaemolyticus on white leg shrimp (TTCT), opening up a great potential in the use of biological agents. learn to limit the harmful ability of these two dangerous bacteria. In recent years, egg yolk antibodies (IgY) have attracted considerable attention because it has many advantages: stable, safe, economical and high concentration. IgY is successfully used in medical immunity and applies to passive immunizations in both animals and humans. In aquatic animals, it has been proved that IgY is effective in protecting aquatic species from a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as Edwardsiella tarda, Yersinia ruckeri, Aeromonas hydrophila, and V.alginolyticus. The antibacterial mechanism of IgY is often considered to inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to host cells. Specific IgY can identify and bind special components that express on the surface of bacteria, which are crucial factors for bacterial growth.

Garlic: Garlic contains allin, an organic acid; when smashed, it will combine with Allicinase in garlic to form Allicin. Allicin has antibacterial and fungal properties. Allicin has an antimicrobial effect of 1/5 of Penicillin and 1/10 of Oxytetracycline. Garlic is also effective for treating flukes, pinworms, fungal diseases … The mechanism of action of Allicin is to inhibit the synthesis of proteins, DNA and RNA to slow the growth of microorganisms. Garlic also contains diallyl disulfide; This substance is not only much stronger than the two commonly used antibiotics in aquaculture, Erythromycin and Ciprofloxacin, but also works faster. In addition to antibacterial ability, garlic also has the effect of treating fungal diseases.

Turmeric: A study of Kasetsart University, Thailand on the effect of turmeric extract by ethanol ethanol on growth, stimulating immunity to TTCT. Record the survival rate of shrimp after 9 weeks of eating with turmeric powder of 15 g / kg feed by soaking for 1 hour with Vibrio harveyi concentration of 106 CFU / ml. The results showed that the group with 15 g of turmeric / kg of feed would have the best immune system. Turmeric can inhibit the activity of Vibrio Harvey, V. Cholera, V. parahymolyticus V. alginolytisus, V. vulnificus and V. fluialis with a minimum inhibitory concentration of 0.47, 0.47, 0.94, 0.47, 3.75, 0.47 g / disk.

Beta-glucan: Beta-glucan is an intermolecular compound made up of D-glucose monomers attached together via Beta-glycoside bonds. Beta-glucan works to enhance resistance, fight disease caused by pathogenic bacteria groups, especially can prevent the effect of white spot virus (WSSV) on shrimp.

Nucleotide: Nucleotide is extracted mainly from the inside of yeast cells. Recent tests have shown that a diet supplemented with nucleotides will support optimal growth and enhance the function of metabolic cells such as lymphocytes (lymphocytes, lymphocytes), macrophages (macrophages). cells) and intestinal cells. However, this product has not been thoroughly researched about how it works and is effective.

Synbiotics: Synbiotics is based on a combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics. In particular, Probiotics are good bacteria, which play a role in strengthening the body’s immune system, helping the body improve its ability to prevent disease. Prebiotics is the ideal food for these good bacteria to grow and increase density. The addition of Synbiotics will help the body form a good, healthy and efficient bacteria system.

Herbal extracts: Currently, herbs are also considered to be one of the most effective and effective immune stimulants. Many plant-derived compounds have been found to have a clear immune stimulating effect on farmed shrimp. In it, Picrorrhiza tree (Wolf’s wreath family) is a typical herb in the fight against immune stress and stimulation.

Source: Vietnam Fishery Magazine

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